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If you have been experiencing problems with your WordPress site loading too slowly or if your site is not responsive on mobile devices, Favylab can help you troubleshoot and fix these issues.

WordPress Speed Optimization Service

The WordPress speed optimization service offers a holistic solution for addressing slow-loading websites. By analyzing various factors that affect performance, such as code efficiency, image optimization, caching, and server configuration, the service aims to enhance website speed and provide visitors with a faster and more enjoyable browsing experience. The process includes things like analyzing your database, caching plugins, themes, plugins and so on.

Your page speed can make your normal or a simple website very fun and comfortable to scroll through it has to be fast. Now a day a web page should load in 2 sec. If it takes more than 4 sec then your website is very slow. And if your page speed is slow then your visitors will lose interest in your website. A speed-optimized simple website gathers more traffic than a slow but gorgeous website.
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Let’s discuss why your web page speed is slow!

  • Heavy-weight and Unsecured plugins Keep a deep impact on your web page speed.
  • Large unoptimized graphics and Images decrease your page speed and take a long time to load themself.
  • When there are too many redirects on your page your website takes time to find out new location and your page speed drops.
  • If your server is located in Australia and users from Sweden try to access load your website, they will struggle with your website loading on their screen.

To make your web page speed fast Favylab follows many strategies.

  • First, your website shouldn’t load at once. Your contents should load first then your images and graphics should lazy load. Our developers use very organized and readable code and lightweight plugins to build our client’s website. And we do all the image and graphics optimization by ourselves. That’s why our web page speed is very fast. It takes less then 2 sec to load.
  • Second, If you host videos from your server it will make your website slow. We offer to upload your video to our trusted video platform and redirect those videos to your website. In this way, your website will perform well, and your server will not have to load the video.
  • Javascript and CSS file size make an impact on your page speed optimization. If your CSS and Javascript file size is huge then your website will never load fast. Our expert developers team will help to minify your JS and CSS file size and remove unnecessary files.
  • CDN or Content delivery network plays a big role in your web page speed. If your hosting server is from India and you are using from Australia then it will definitely take a longer time to load your website. Then what is the solution? It’s a very simple solution. If your keep a copy of your website in a cloud server then from any part of the world people will able to access your website in a second. Because when a cloud service has a copy of your website, it means whoever tries to access your website, the cloud server will load your website from the user’s nearest server.
  • We optimize query sting, That’s why we don’t miss opportunities to increase our page speed and our server and CDN response fast.
  • A speed optimized websites always go with a simple design. It is proven that a gorgeous high graphical website takes more time to load than a simple website that loads in a few seconds and generates more traffic than the high graphical one. It doesn’t matter how gorgeous your website is, if your web page speed is slow then your visitors will lose interest in your website.

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