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Boost your agency’s profits with Favylab, the leading web development partner for small and medium-sized agencies. Outsource your projects to our expert team and deliver exceptional websites to your clients. Maximize your revenue while we handle the development. Partner with Favylab today!

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We utilize top-notch WordPress support services to provide enterprises, medium-sized businesses, and small businesses with seamless and simplified solutions. Favylab is recognized as a premier WordPress support business partner, offering extensive assistance in building robust and dynamic WordPress websites. Our clients highly appreciate our commitment to delivering 100% result-oriented outcomes and ensuring timely project completion.

White Lavel Web Development Services for Small & Medium Agencies

Struggling to expand your range of services?

We have a  professionals team with all kinds of expertise to handle any request you might have. From CMS development, building online stores, and handling frontend tasks to WordPress development and crafting email templates & banner ads – you can easily scale your business with us.

Afraid of hiring irresponsible outsourcers?

Our company has earned a stellar reputation over 5 years of operation. Our name is well-known even to businesses outside the web development industry. We can do almost anything but if we can’t do something, we will never hide it from you. We value your trust more than anything else.

Have to meet aggressive deadlines all the time?

Our team of 20 developers is ready to start working on your project within just a few hours instead of weeks as other companies offer.

Find it hard to attract affluent clients?

We have been in the market for more than 5 years and can guarantee the highest quality and top development speed. That’s what wealthy clients value.

Growing Your Business With Us Is Easy

Here is why many of successful agencies choose us as their white label development partner.

Always in Touch

A dedicated PM is available for communication throughout the business day. Ask your questions or make requests whenever you need to.

Complete Transparency

We keep no secrets from you. Learn all about the progress of your white label web development project at every stage.

Precise Quote and ETA

We calculate prices and delivery times based on our years-long experience, covering all possible risks.

Maximum Flexibility

We not only follow specifications to the letter but can also offer you an alternative solution if we see it’s better for meeting your goal.

Convenient Workflow

We can adapt to any workflow. You’ll be dealing with the same PM and developers from start to finish in every project we do together. Soon, you’ll feel like working with your own team.


We value your confidentiality and will sign a non-disclosure agreement if you find it necessary.

Ready to Grow Your Business?

We deliver exceptional service to hundreds of successful agencies every month. Our clients stay with us for years.

Varied Services

We offer various web developments services for small and medium agencies 

UI/UX Design

Our experienced designers provide a wide range of services, from web, graphic, and UI/UX design to Illustration (2D & 3D), animation/motion graphics, brand/logo design, and everything in between.

Design to HTML/CSS Conversion

Give us a design in any common graphic file format (Sketch, AI, Figma, XD, etc.) and get back a pixel-perfect web page tailored to your exact specifications.

WordPress Development

Our WordPress development services cover everything you need to build a stunning website. From crafting custom themes and plugins to tackling any unique WordPress-related tasks, our team is here to bring your vision to life. 

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